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Harvest Lunatone App Sheet Doug Diggory

Doing the same with Doug.

Name: Douglas “Doug” “Mr. Dig” “Mr. Diggory” Diggory

Age: 65

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Dugtrio

Height: 4’08”

Bodystyle: Average build but very short. A potato like build.

Birthday: 05/01

Home Island: Mystery Isle

Personality: You could certainly call Doug a quirky fellow. He can be jokey and funny one minute but serious and almost scary in another. He is a man of many faces quite fitting for his totem Pokemon’s triple heads. While he may seem to be of many personalities he is of one mind. He is a very intelligent man. He usually appears cheerful but this cheerfulness hides the pain of the loss he’s experienced throughout his life. He’s been through quite a lot in his time.

History: The mob life was the only life for Douglas. His father was a crime boss and his grandfather as well and so on and so forth. The young Diglett was only too keen to join in though despite all the crime and mayhem around him; the family was just that a family. They had big grand meals together and shared laughter and merriment. They may have been cutthroats, murderers, and thugs but hey it was home! And that home was in grand Lumiose City in Kalos! Even back then it was a sight to be seen even without it’s fancy high tech tower. They were quite happy with their low tech beacon thank you very much. His father Donald and mother Deidre did their best to raise their boys up right even in this less than safe environment. Douglas was their youngest son of three. Their first two Damian and Dante took after their father and would grow into strong, menacing, if slightly dim Houndooms, while Doug took after their mother. Short, stout, and a Diglett. Douglas was the little brother in every sense of the word as he was always small as he suffered from dwarfism. As such his mother and father tended to baby him even more than if he was just the baby of the family. While some older siblings may resent this fact Damian and Dante were very overprotective of their brother as well given his small and perceived fragility. While Doug was small he was a very smart cookie even at a young age. He was something of a child prodigy. The family was quite proud of him.

Due to having two prime successors for the family business and young Douglas’ brains the Diggorys sent their youngest off to med school which he was only too happy do. He figured he could become a medic of sorts to the family for when they couldn’t head to the hospital. He did well in his schooling as he was always apt to do. His fast hands and keen eye made him quite the master when it came to doctoring. He returned to Lumiose years later and he found the family in shambles. Unbeknownst to him his dear father had died at the hands of another criminal vying for power, his brother Damian had taken his place as the boss and his dear mother had fallen ill after losing her husband. Using his knowledge from med school slowly but surely Douglas found a way buy making remedies by hand how to cure his mother of her illness. Once she was well she told her boy to go straight and to leave the crime family behind. While she knew how much the family meant to him she didn’t want any of her boys dying like their father did and she knew she couldn’t talk the older two out of it. She hoped she could him. Knowing that it was what his mother wanted he agreed and soon after that with some form of peace in her mind Deidre died. While Douglas could do everything to fix up her body he couldn’t fix her broken heart. So she went on to join her husband.

After this Douglas started his own business, it started small but with the help of his family it was able to quickly become one of the most well known drugstores in all of Kalos: Doug’s Drugs. Time passed and after a few years Douglas found love of his own. A beautiful Lopunny woman named Mimi. The two started dating and grew very close as time went on but the happiness couldn’t last. In a cruel twist of fate it wasn’t an enemy bullet that took out the next don but a car accident. Doug had lost another family member. He had never told Mimi about his ties to the underground so he had to wait until he was alone to mourn his elder brother. Soon after his death Dante took over the job as the leader of the underground and life went on. Douglas and Mimi were married and they soon had their first child. A big, bouncing, baby, Buneary, boy! They named the boy Harvey after Mimi’s father. As time went on and things seemed to be going peacefully they had more children. Two more boys, a Bunnelby they named Bugsy, and a Diglett who was to be named Donald for Douglas’ father. Things were peaceful for a time but as always with Douglas’ life things couldn’t stay peaceful for long. Dante was killed tragically in a shootout just as Douglas and Mimi welcomed their fourth and final child into their life, a baby Buneary girl named Rosie. With all of the other Diggorys dead the family turned to Douglas in their time of need. He declined as he’d been on the straight and narrow for far too long. The understood and wished him the best of luck. However as time went by and new more savage criminals started taking over Douglas knew that for the good of everyone he cared about he’d have to go crooked. It was at that moment that Douglas Diggory finally evolved  and became a Dugtrio. While he didn’t have three heads, three distinct personas began to form. The first Doug Diggory the kind caring owner of Doug’s Drugs, the second Mr. Diggory the serious no nonsense head of the household who was extremely overprotective of his family, and the last the new head of the criminal syndicate his family had run for years; Mr. Dig. While all three were the same man they seemed like very different people.

It was at this time that for the first time in their marriage Douglas spilled the beans, he knew if he was going to live a double life he couldn’t keep his partner in life in the dark any longer. Despite how long the secret had been kept and how worried she was for him Mimi understood. Family was very important to the both of them and the mob was Douglas’ family just as much as she and the kids were. Unlike his parents before him it wouldn’t be until much later that they introduced their children to daddy’s other job. For many years Douglas lived his almost triple life, his time as Doug the sweet little drugstore owner, the serious but loving father at home, and the menacing boss of the criminal underworld. During this time Douglas met a certain Krookodile (then a Krokorok) and took him under his wing but when the boy wanted to start a family of his own he knew he couldn’t keep him in danger so he let him go. Years down the line and surprisingly nothing majorly heartbreaking had happened in his time as leader. He loved his brothers but he knew neither one of them were very bright so he understood that their demises were as much their own fault as anyone else's. He played it smarter building a suit of steel he could hide in if need be to protect himself. While he never did any killing himself there was blood on his hands, on both sides. He took every loss of family personally. Which was why when a true tragedy struck he was both unprepared and thoroughly crushed.

His beloved wife died suddenly. Not by a bullet but by a disease not caught in time. The family, both families didn’t know how to react… one day she was there the next gone. No warning. This was the straw that broke the Camerupt’s back as well as Douglas’ spirit. He finally understood the pain his mother had gone through all those years ago. He wanted to die but his children wouldn’t let him. They still needed him here in this world. So he held on. He had to get away though. He could be Mr. Dig no longer. He gave up control of his underground empire to his three sons. Harvey and Donald (both the second) acted as muscle for the new Mr. Dig; the brains of the trio Bugsy. His lovely daughter having as much brains as her middle eldest brother took over Doug’s Drugs for her beloved father, she renamed it Rosie’s Remedies.

With everything taken care of Douglas still needed to find a new place to live far away from the city that had brought him so much pain. Soon enough a shining light appeared to him the certain Krookodile who he thought of almost as a fourth son had heard the news and he rushed to his mentor in tears. The two comforted each other and when he told the man that he needed to get away he told him of the island that his son had moved to. How it was far off and had dozens of nice people. He also told him of the small summer home they had recently bought and that he wanted Douglas to have it. It wasn’t much but maybe it could grow into a new home for him. Douglas agreed that it could. He packed up his things and his late wife’s dog and the two were off for Raccolto.

Job: Business Owner

Shop Name: Doug’s Drugs

Stock Type: Basic remedies for aches and pains as well as cold meds. However if need be he can basically do any sort of medical procedure. He just needs the time and the tools.

Dog’s Race: Furfrou Dog’s name: Max Dog’s gender: Male

Ability: Fur Coat Nature: Adamant / Capable of taking hits

Max was originally Mimi’s dog but when she passed the old dog became rather grumpy. Much like Douglas this move to the country will hopefully help him get back some of his old energy and pep. He’s a dog who is set in his ways though so he may not end up liking country life much.


Odor Sleuth / Headbutt

Sand Attack / Last Resort

Talents: Digging (naturally), making home remedies, doctoring? That's certainly a talent I'd say, a master of puns.

Funfacts: Due to him wearing a bowler and a false mustache as part of his Mr. Dig persona his mob family tend to call him Mr. Potato Head when it’s just them around.

He enjoys mystery stories quite a bit and crime dramas on TV. Kinda ironic when you think about it.

(Not so fun fact) He had a bad run in with an ice type in his youth. It led to a general distrust of the type both Pokemon and those with the totem.

Sexuality: Straight (But he won’t be much for dating.)

Loves: Home cooked meals, talking to people, his children and grandchildren, reading, taking walks with Max, any and all ores (save for junk).

Likes: Herbs and such that he can turn into medicine, iced tea, fresh veggies, smoking his pipe, quality alcohol.

Dislikes: Radio talk shows, fast food, fighting (but he’s still capable of it.), short jokes, as a general rule ice types (bad experience in his youth), low quality beer, junk ore.

Hates: Guns, cars, Lumiose City (but he loves the people there), self important and or hateful doctors, stupid punks, whac-a-mole machines (obvious reasons).

Ability: Arena Trap*

Nature: Quirky, A little quick tempered, Often lost in thought


Sucker Punch / Beat Up

Dig / Tri Attack

Sucker Punch - Even if he’s not a criminal anymore he’s still not above a sneak attack if need be.

Beat Up - As someone who has always been small Doug has had to fight more with his head than his hands. He can use his silver tongue to convince people to help him either by using charm or intimidation. This should be clear by the fact he ran a criminal syndicate for years and never got his hands bloody. He can use this move defensively or to have allies gang up on his enemies.

Dig - Well of course he knows dig. It was in his previous form’s name after all! He can use it for actual tunneling or for digging up dirt on people.

Tri Attack - A flashy move his late wife convinced him to learn. His Special Attack isn’t the best but it still looks nice so he’ll break it out for parties and those random status effects if he gets in a fight.

*A note about his ability. Arena Trap allows him to create a sort of mystical chain linking him to someone so they can't avoid him. Quite a useful ability when you need to give someone a shot or they owe you money.

Harvest Lunatone App: Xander Osborn
I'm dropping Xander's App on this account. At the very least it can act as a backup for the original.

Name: Xander Osborn

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Pokémon: Pangoro

Height: 6’11” ft.

Body Style: Tall, Muscular 

Birthday: August 23

Home Island: Mystery Island

Personality: Xander is exactly what you’d expect someone who’s totem is a Pangoro would be like. He can a bit rough around the edges and sometimes kind of scary when he’s angry but underneath that he’s a big teddy bear. He only ever loses his temper around bullies and annoying people. One of his biggest weaknesses are things that are small and cute…his rough mannerisms usually conceal this fact however. Xander is blunt as a mallet and he tends to say what's on his mind good and bad. His temper can get ahead of him sometimes and if he's in a mood he's really antisocial. Overall he's mostly a nice guy but when he has a bad day look out!

In the dojo he mostly takes after his master and is a firm but positive teacher. If things get too rowdy he knows how to calm people down (mostly through intimidation!)

History: Xander was born in Lumiose City in the Kalos region. Although he had a good enough childhood in high school he fell in with the wrong crowd. He started smoking and drinking and generally being a delinquent. The only positive side to this part of his life in his mind is that he was able to evolve into his Pangoro form. During his senior year  his father told him that he needed to shape up or he’d never get anywhere in life an that he’d just become a loser. After a heated argument in which bad things were said on both sides Xander left home and didn’t return.
After he ran away from home Xander decided to try and crash on one of his friends’ couches but to his surprise not one of them would help. Still mad at his parents and now mad at his so called friends Xander decided to leave Lumiose City. For the next five years he traveled around the world picking fights; trying to become a master pugilist. 
As he blew from town to town he picked up many different skills leading him to become something of a jack of all trades. Most nights he slept outside however sometimes he could afford a motel room. He'd find a job as a cook here, a window washer there; doing this he was able to obtain money and skills without causing too much trouble. However that isn't to say he didn't cause trouble, he fought people for money, and sometimes he stole (Later on he would show regret for these decisions.) but at this point he was still just a stupid kid... 
While traveling in Sinnoh for the first time in a long time he met a friendly face. As he traveled down the dirt road of Route 222 Xander felt a presence behind him. When he turned around he was met with an interesting sight. A Glameow, small and covered in battle scars; he was surprised that the thing could walk it looked so beat up. He shrugged it off and continued on his way. Later when he made it to Sunnyshore he felt the same presence and upon checking found the same Catty Pokémon tailing him. He bought something to eat and if some of it fell on the ground and the little Pokémon gobbled it up that was none of his concern.

Xander traveled to Hoenn the feline Pokémon ever trailing behind him, he decided to call her Miss Priss due to the snobby look she always seemed to have on her face. He made it to Hoenn’s Victory Road and while there he challenged a Meditite that was about half his size. Suddenly an old man came up to them. He introduced himself as the Meditite’s grandfather and said if Xander wanted a real challenge he should fight him. Xander at this point in his life was extremely cocky and readily accepted the old man’s challenge.
After Xander woke up he discovered that he was no longer in Victory Road. The old man reintroduced himself as Master Charem Guru and explained what happened during their fight. Unwilling to believe that he’d been so soundly trounced Xander challenged the older man to another fight. This time the old man took his time and right before the darkness enveloped him a second time Xander saw the old man transform…or at least he thought he did…
The second time he woke up after fighting the old man he decided to take in his surroundings. He was laying down on the porch of a Japanese style home. The old man was sitting beside him drinking a cup of tea. He explained that they were at his home on Mount Pyre, he continued and said that despite his rough edges he saw potential in Xander and that if would agree to it that he would train him. Xander never one to back down from a challenge quickly accepted.
The next four years were full of extremely difficult training as well as spiritual growth for Xander. During this time he began learning about martial arts and while he got a basic knowledge of a few his fighting type quickly allowed him to become a brown belt in karate. When the master decided that his training was complete he told him to go out into the world. Xander thanked the Master and his grandson for all that they’d done for him. He knew his journey wasn’t complete yet he knew exactly where he needed to go now… A few months later he arrived back again in Lumiose City; for the first time in nine years he was home. He made his way back to his house and was greeted with an surprising scene. His father looking much greyer then the last time he’d seen him playing catch with a young boy. Xander walked up to the pair and cleared his throat. When his father looked up his eyes widened and he swiftly grabbed the young boy’s hand before hurrying back inside the house. The ball they had been throwing quickly forgotten.
At that moment Xander felt as if he’d swallowed a block of cement yet at the same time he felt completely empty. He was about to turn around and walk away forever when the front door opened and his mother stepped out followed by his father and the boy. She locked eyes with him and hers started to get misty. She started to run towards him and Xander closed the gap. Xander hadn’t realized just how much he had missed his parents (but he most certainly didn’t cry he was completely stone faced thank you very much…) As the two hugged they were joined by his father and the boy. Within this group hug Xander rediscovered the feeling of home that he had completely missed during his time as a wanderer.
The now complete family went back into their home and a they celebrated the return of Xander. During the celebration he was formally introduced to his younger brother named Felix. That evening when his younger brother was sent to bed he had a serious conversation with his parents. He expressed deep remorse for the stupidity of his actions and explained what had happened during the years that he’d been missing. Much to his surprise for the most part his parents were relieved that he’d left town. It appeared that the gang he had formally run with had in later years gone full blown criminals! They had tried to knock over the Lumiose City bank and a few of them had been shot, including the leader; the rest were in prison! It seemed that not being able to crash on any couches that day had saved him a lot of trouble in the long run.!
Although he wanted to stay in Lumiose for awhile he knew he needed to move on and his parents seemed to realize this as well. After about a year or so after he arrived he came home one day to find his belonging packed up and an envelope filled with money sitting on the kitchen table. Beside it was a map and a letter; it read:
My dear son

Your mother and I can see how bored you are here, we love you but we both know that the last thing you want to do is be stuck in Lumiose City forever. You need to travel and see new places. On the table you’ll see there is a map. It is my firm belief that you will find what you’re looking for on these islands. Know that we all love you and only want your happiness.  I am…so proud of the man you have become honestly I only wish I could have been there to see the transformation.

Sincerely your father

In scribbled writing beneath his father’s he could see a p.s. from Felix
Big brother go have an adventure! - Felix

He most certainly wasn’t crying as he left home and got into the cab that would take him and Priss to Courmarine City; when he boarded the ferry that would take him to Raccolto Town he was starting to get excited! What would the future hold? Only time will tell…

Job: Dojo Owner

Shop Name: Bancho Brawlers

Stock Type: Are you feeling a little pudgy but don’t like doing farm work? Worried that if it came down to a fight you’d come up short? Well come on down to Bancho Brawlers where we can help you learn martial arts. It’s a great form of exercise and you can learn to defend yourself as well! Now accepting students.

Cat Race: Purugly Ability: Defiant Nature: Naughty / Capable of taking hits

Hone Claws / Fake Out
Play Rough / Fury Swipes

Cat Name: Miss Priss
Much like her name would have you expect, Miss Priss is a bit of a snob around most people and she's also quite the trouble maker! She really seems to like Xander for some reason though he doesn't even know why… Before she started following Xander on that faithful day she lived in the streets and was the toughest fighter among the wilds in the area. Since evolving Priss has mellowed quitea bit although if this can be attributed to her evolution or her relationship with a certain fire type canine is still undetermined.

Talents: Proficient at a couple types of martial arts (Although his best is karate), Pretty good singer, Strong battler, Pretty good at cooking, and has many other seemingly random skills from his years as a wanderer. He’s an real example of a jack of all trades; but as they say he’s a master of none…(Except when it comes to battling he’s pretty scary in that regard…)

Fun Facts: 
His birthday is the same as Hitoshi Ariga’s the man who created Pangoro.
The symbols for his Pokémon types are hidden on his clothes (Dark on the hat, Fighting on his belt)
His pet’s name and personality come from my real life pet cat.
He no longer smokes but in extremely stressful situations he may ask someone for a cigarette.
Xander has played through and completed the game Undertale (or the in universe equivalent). He completed a true pacifist run and actually started a genocide run but he cried like a little sissy after killing Toriel. He reset the game and did another true pacifist run afterwards... He still felt like garbage.

Sexuality: Straight

Loves: (Chocolate desserts, Kung-fu movies, Bamboo Dumpling (Made with actual bamboo), Meditating (Although some people think he’s napping), Equipment for the dojo, A good scrap)

“Wow you know you didn’t have to get me this…but thanks a lot!”
Likes: (Milk (Any), Miso Soup, French Toast, Liver, Beer, Hardboiled Eggs, (As you can probable tell by now he really likes to eat!), Adventure Books.)

“Oh wow this is great! Thank you!”
Dislikes: (Sour food, Tofu, ‘Vegetarian’ anything (Although he’s ok with actual vegetarians), Hyper violent video games, Coffee)

“Um…thanks…I guess.”
Hates: (Mushrooms, Bullies, Bugs, Annoying people) 

“What the hell? Why would you think I’d like this!?”

Ability: Scrappy

Nature: Hardy; A little quick tempered, Loves to eat
Sky Uppercut / Fire Punch
Bulk Up / Strength

Sky Uppercut - Given that he hardly ever used Parting Shot anymore it was the obvious choice to give up once he figured out how to use this powerful fighting type move. If he so chooses he can rocket into the air with this punch.
Fire Punch - A move taught to him by his mother (A Blaziken gijinka), he uses it mainly in combat but has found some practical uses for it as well.
Bulk Up - Do you even lift bro? Well by using Bulk Up Xander doesn't need to worry about such things... (At least for a little while, the effects disappear after some time passes.)
Strength - Combined with his Scrappy ability this full strength punch is his surprise attack against spectral opponents, plus it lets him move HUGE boulders so that's a bonus right?


My updated App for when Xander joins Harvest Lunatone :iconharvest-lunatone: and it looks like that gang's all here!

The background is an image I found online when looking up art from Harvest Moon. I thought it looked better then just a blank background.

Edit: But seriously the crew has expanded in more ways then one. Tiny evolved and there are two new members! Slushie the Piplup and Strider the Riolu.
It's me it's me, it's twistedt. God I'm a moron.


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